EPRUMA welcomes European Parliament support to protect animal health and welfare


Brussels, 16 September 2021: Despite sustained attempts by some MEPs to undermine the scientific assessment of the EU’s agencies, the plenary vote showed MEPs’ support of the EU’s One Health approach to addressing the challenge of antimicrobial resistance.

In a majority vote, members of the European Parliament voted to ensure that veterinarians retain access to specific life-saving treatments for both farm and companion animals by acknowledging the suitability of the criteria for the designation of antimicrobials to be reserved for the treatment of certain infections in humans as advised by the European Medicines Agency, and supported by EU Member States.

Rejection of the motion for a resolution has demonstrated that MEPs have understood the importance of animal health and its knock-on effects on public health, food safety, food security and the environment.

EPRUMA now looks to the European Parliament to support the implementation of wider EU policies affecting animal health and welfare, building on the scientific advice of the EU’s agencies, and seeking a careful balance for the protection of human and animal health, as well as our environment.