What we do

EPRUMA facilitates and promotes a co-ordinated and integrated approachon the Responsible Use of Medicines in Animals.

It is a multi-stakeholder platform working at European level since 2005, to develop and promotebest-practice frameworksfor the responsible use of veterinary medicines to ensure a better prevention and control of animal diseases. These principles can be tailored nationally to reflect specificities in EU Member States.

We represent the activities in this domain taken by:

  • veterinarians;
  • farmers and agri-cooperatives;
  • manufacturers of animal medicines and diagnostics;
  • feed manufacturers;
  • professionals working in animal health, sanitary security and sustainable agriculture;

EPRUMA works with the EU institutions, national Responsible Use platforms, food processing industry partners, retailers and consumer organisations to promote messages.

Our partners commit to work together to ensure safe and transparent use of veterinary medicines and share information on bestpracticesto manage animal diseases, supporting animal health and welfare, contributing to food safety, and safeguarding human wellbeing and public health.