EPRUMA welcomes EMA recommendations for antimicrobials to be reserved for human use only


Brussels, 2 March 2022: EPRUMA welcomes the scientific advice of the EMA with recommendations for antimicrobials to be reserved for human use only. Following a scientific and thorough assessment that takes into account reports from ECDC, EFSA and EMA as well as categorisations put forward by AMEG, WHO, and OIE, as outlined in the advice, we call on the European Commission to propose an implementing act following this scientific approach.

In line with the EU’s One Health approach to addressing the challenge of antimicrobial resistance, EPRUMA believes that the approach taken for establishing this recommendation has been based on the prevailing situation regarding which antibiotics are critical for human health in the EU. We also recognise the efforts made to ensure that every antimicrobial on the list has been assessed individually using the three criteria provided for in the Commission Delegated Act published in May 2021.

Significant effort has been made by the EMA to assess why specific antimicrobials were or were not on the list reserved for human use only, referencing the best scientific knowledge and insight available at this time.

EPRUMA remains committed to promoting the responsible use of antibiotics and to fighting antimicrobial resistance through the One Health approach supported by the European Commission.



Contact:  EPRUMA secretariat – info@epruma.eu