EPRUMA publishes new best-practice guidances for the use of vaccines in animals


The European Platform for the Responsible Use of Medicines in Animals (EPRUMA) has launched a new publication entitled: EPRUMA best-practice framework for the use of vaccines in animals. Veterinary vaccination plays a key role in protecting animal and public health, as an integral part of overall One Health plans against infectious diseases. The lack of knowledge on the effects of animal vaccination on public health and a growing hesitancy over vaccine use reinforce the need for greater awareness on the benefits of animal vaccination and their proper use.

EPRUMA has extensively highlighted the value of vaccination as part of the wider framework for Responsible Use of animal medicines. These EPRUMA guidelines on prevention of disease through vaccination aim to complement the existing national guidelines for vaccination of animals and mark the coordinated efforts of all involved stakeholders.

EPRUMA Chair, Rens van Dobbenburgh, commented “Vaccination is essential for preventing, controlling and eradicating infectious diseases in both animals and people. EPRUMA has been promoting vaccination for many years as a solution for improving animal health and welfare, and reducing the need to use antibiotics contributing to the fight against antibiotic resistance. Veterinary vaccination in particular, either as an integral part of overall health plans against infectious diseases or as part of rapid-response plans to prevent the spread of emerging infectious diseases, plays a key role in protecting both animal and public health. Proper and correct vaccination deserves our ardent attention.”