Fact Sheet: Pharmacovigilance

EPRUMA promotes the responsible use of medicines in animals (www.epruma.eu ) and shares information on responsible use of medicines by promoting best practices to prevent, control and treat animal diseases, supporting animal health and welfare, contributing to food safety and One Health.

This fact sheet outlines the process of pharmacovigilance, a key step in ensuring the responsible and safe use of veterinary medicine.

What is Pharmacovigilance?
Veterinary pharmacovigilance is the practice related to monitoring, evaluating and improving the safety of veterinary medicines, with particular reference to reporting adverse events in animals and people to the use of these medicines.

A good pharmacovigilance system provides for the detection of adverse reactions and increased knowledge of known adverse effects in animals. It can also include collection of information on adverse events due to off-label use and investigations of the validity of the withdrawal period and of potential environmental problems.