EPRUMA on European Antibiotic Awareness Day 2017: #KeepAntibioticsWorking

  • November 15, 2017
  • Brussels, 15 November 2017: EPRUMA welcomes the 10th European Antibiotic Awareness Day, and pledges to promote the responsible use of antibiotics, as part of the veterinarians’ toolbox, and fight antimicrobial resistance with a One Health approach.

    ‘Having healthy animals is key to human health, and the environment’, said EPRUMA Chairman, Rens van Dobbenburgh. ‘Our 10 member organisations work together to ensure the availability and preserve the efficacy of animal medicines – including antibiotics – in the future, both for animals and people. Promoting best practices to organisations active in animal health and the agri-food chain is the heart of EPRUMA’s agenda’ he added. 

    In a new video EPRUMA explains its pledge to keep veterinary antibiotics working, under the motto ‘Use them: As little as possible, and as much as necessary’.

    EPRUMA will be communicating progress on its ‘7 commitments to the responsible use of veterinary medicines’ to EU stakeholders on 5 December at an event taking place at the European Parliament in Brussels. For further details, visit 


    Contact:  Myriam Alcain, Communications Manager 

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  • On European Antibiotic Awareness Day (18 November 2016)  EPRUMA's Chairman, Rens van Dobbenburgh, pledges to

  • EPRUMA declaration on 'Our 7 commitments to the responsible use of veterinary medicines': signed in Brussels

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