EPRUMA is a multi-stakeholder platform linking best practice with animal health and public health.

It aims to ensure best practice through responsible use of medicines in the prevention and control of animal diseases.

Established in 2005, it works to promote the responsible use of medicines in animals in the EU (medicines as defined in Directive 2001/82/EC as amended by Directive 2004/28/EC) in order to maintain efficacy and both prevent and minimise adverse reactions.


EPRUMA's objectives comprise

  • promoting animal health and welfare as well as human health through the Responsible Use of veterinary medicines;
  • developing best-practice frameworks concerning the use of veterinary medicines. EPRUMA works on broad principles at EU level, which in turn can be tailored nationally to reflect local specificities in EU Member States;
  • communicating with and engaging all parties concerned with the Responsible Use of veterinary medicines.

How it works
EPRUMA pursues its goal by facilitating and promoting a co-ordinated and integrated approach, involving all stakeholders, including European

  • veterinarians;
  • farmers and agri-cooperatives;
  • manufacturers of animal medicines and diagnostics;
  • feed manufacturers;
  • professionals working in animal health, sanitary security and sustainable agriculture;
  • pharmacists;

and communicates with EU institutions, national Responsible Use platforms, food processing industry, retailers, consumer organisations, etc.

They develop framework documents on how to best use veterinary medicines and vaccines. In other words, EPRUMA works on broad principles at EU level, which in turn can be tailored nationally to reflect local specificities at EU Member States.

An example of this is the "Best practice framework for the use of antibiotics in food-producing animals", which EPRUMA launched in 2008, and is available in 12 European languages.

EPRUMA partners are committed to work together to ensure safe and transparent use of veterinary medicines and to prevent or minimise undesirable effects.

See further details on the EPRUMA partners here.

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